Course Closed
Although the course is thawing we still have a fair amount of snow in places, hopefully today will see enough snow go that we can get at least some of the course open before the weekend
Update tomorr
Age With Entry Fee Entry Fee
19-21 £274.80 £100
22 £366.40 £200
23 £412.20 £300
24  £458.00 £400
25  £503.80 £500
26  £549.60 £600
27  £641.20 £700
28  £732.80 £800
29  £824.40 £900
Bar Levy  £25.00  

Any person within this age group who has been a junior member for a minimum of 3 years may enter this category on the following 1st January without paying an Entry Fee and will automatically become a Full Member at the age of 30 providing they have held continuous membership. 

All Intermediate Members will have £25 deposited to their bar swipe cards during January which should be spent within the subscription year. Any monies remaining from the £25 will be retained in the club funds as at 31st December.