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Fees and Subscription Rates 2017

1st January - 31 December

Full Membership*

Full Membership £877
Bar Levy £50
Joining Fee (payable over 4 years) £1,000

Intermediates* - Not in Education

Age   With Entry
Entry Fee
19-21   £263.10 £100
22   £350.80 £200
23   £394.65 £300
24   £438.50 £400
25   £482.35 £500
26   £526.20 £600
27   £613.90 £700
28   £701.60 £800
29   £789.30 £900
Bar Levy £25.00    
Any person within this age group who has been a junior member for a minimum of 3 years may enter this category without paying an Entry Fee, will qualify for the 'With Entry Fee' subscription rates and will automatically become a Full Member at the age of 30.  Any other person not paying an Entry Fee will automatically become a Seven Day Member on reaching 30 unless they pay the Full Membership Entry Fee at the time.
All Intermediate Members will have £25 deposited to their bar swipe cards during January which should be spent within the subscription year.  Any monies remaining from the £25 will be retained in the club funds as at 31st December.

Junior Membership*

All ages to be taken on 1st January

Under 10's £50
10 - 11 £75
12 - 15 £135
16 - 18 £149.00

International Membership*

Playing Seven Days (min 3 months) Per month £105

Country Membership*

Country Membership £281

Social Membership

Social (non-playing) £150.00 + vat

*Other Fees

Membership Categories Explained


“Broadway is a traditional members’ golf club run by members for the members.”

There are thriving Seniors, Ladies and Juniors sections, a very full programme of competitions to suit all levels of ability, with “roll ups” on most days providing the opportunity to meet and play with different members. There is no tee booking system, members simply roll up and play.

We warmly welcome new members to our club. If you would like to arrange to play the course or for further information about membership, please telephone the office on 01386 853683, email or complete the online enquiry form below.



Online Enquiry Form

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Because we are a members’ club, upon receipt of your completed application form details of your proposed membership will be posted on our website and club notice board for a period of 2 weeks and an informal meeting arranged. Your name will then be added to our waiting list for membership, a membership offer will be made as vacancies become available.  Social membership can be taken up whilst waiting for a full membership place. Once a vacancy becomes available membership will be offered and will then commence upon receipt of your subscription and other fees.