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* RT Golf's new Launch Monitor is here! *

Russ & Tim are proud to announce the arrival of their SkyTrak Launch Monitor! The SkyTrak will be used for custom-fitting, bag-mapping sessions, and to enhance their coaching technique. To help introduce the SkyTrak to our members, Russ & Tim will be hosting a series of bag-mapping days throughout February and March! You will have a 1 hour time slot and will receive a full bag-map (analysis of your current set, helping to highlight patterns and inconsistencies) for a reduced price of just £30! Please contact Russ & Tim to book your space as places are limited and expected to fill up very quickly!

Below, the guys have answered a few questions regarding their Launch Monitor and what it actually does:

Q 1. What is a Launch Monitor?

A. A Launch Monitor is a device that captures a set of key data associated with the hitting of a golf ball.

Q 2. What data does it capture?

A. The amount of data it captures is vast and although all of the data is important to a point, some is more useful and easier to explain than others! If you watch some of the tournament golf on the television or have maybe had a club fitting elsewhere, you may have heard things like - ' launch angle ', ' spin rate ', and ' descent angle '. Let us explain some of those and some other parameters you'll hear us talking about when you come to have a session. (we've made them as simple as possible)

- Launch Angle - How high your ball starts in relation to the ground immediately after impact

- Backspin - The backwards rotation of the golf ball towards the hitting golfer. The more backspin, the higher the ball flight, the less distance the ball will travel.

- Sidespin - The sideways rotation of the golf ball. The more sidespin the bigger the curvature.

- Descent Angle - The angle your ball comes down to the ground at.

- Apex - The highest point of the balls flight.

- Smash factor - This is calculated by dividing ball speed by clubhead speed. The higher the smash factor - the better the energy transfer is back into the golf ball.

Q 3. What use is all this to me? My handicap is 24!

A. Well, regardless of your handicap or ability, it is safe to say that unless you have been properly fitted for your equipment by a PGA PROFESSIONAL or a PROFESSIONAL CLUB-FITTER, then you can definitely improve! You wouldn't wear a pair of size 10 golf shoes if you were a size 7.5, so why would you use ill-fitting golf clubs? By using a launch monitor, and their very high level of expertise, Russ & Tim are able to analyse what is happening to your golf ball, why it's happening and how it can be improved. By finding the right combination of: shaft flex, shaft weight, kick point, head loft, lie angle, club length and grip size (to name but a few), or by improving certain areas, you can play better golf without even changing your swing! The Launch Monitor can also be incorporated into lessons. This can help the golfer fully understand the difference between the shots they hit, using the numbers provided can help Russ & Tim focus on key areas that can't necessarily be seen as easy as with the naked eye.



1-hour slots available for a bag-map session, only £30!

9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am & 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm

Contact Russ or Tim in the shop to book your place!